About us

What could be greater than the experience of being at home, even if you've moved to a new city? Presidency is the place to be if you're searching for a wholesome experience.

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Safety & Security

One of our main priorities is to ensure your safety and security. We ensure that there is no compromise on this. Along with the best living environment, we have taken it upon ourselves to give you the best tools to provide you with the optimal precautions to ensure security and safety.

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We have everything you need

We make sure that you have the ideal experience - from basic hygiene of surroundings to providing you with the best amenities such as WiFI, AI Security control, fitness centers, housekeeping, among others.

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    Adequate beds available for comfortable accommodation

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    Amenities Bringing to you the ‘at-home’ feeling

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    Security Ensuring that you and your belongings are safe here

Room Amenities

  • Free available high speed WiFi

  • Сonvenient location in the center

  • Food (North & South) - veg & non-veg ( 4 times non-veg) including snacks & tea

  • Gym

  • Warden

  • 24 Hours security

  • Drinking water (hot & cold - 24 hours)

  • Bio-metric access